An introduction

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If Earth was a perfect sphere of uniform density, then gravity would be consistent. But it's not, which means gravity varies wherever you go. So can we chart those discrepancies using just a basic-range Kern scale?


We're shipping our Gnome Kit from scientist to scientist around the world. Join the experiment and you'll receive:

1x Kern EWB 2.4 Scale
Pre-calibrated according to local gravity at Kern HQ, Balingen, Germany.

1x Kern Gnome
The perfect test-subject for two good reasons: Gnomes are already accustomed to travelling the world. They also originate from our homeland, Germany.

1x Lab gloves & 1 x Air duster
Important because dust or grease will reduce the accuracy of the results.

Explore the results


Remember, there is only one Kern Gnome.

Although made from special chip-proof resin, he is an instrument of science, so please handle with utmost care.

Gravity varies slightly, wherever you go. So can we measure this phenomenon with a set of Kern scales and our travelling assistant? Watch the film or explore the results so far:

Bigger pin = heavier result


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